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Planetary sauce wok tend to industrialization

2017-12-11 08:26

Planetary sauce wok tend to industrialization
Planetary sauce wok tend to industrialization
Automatic large commercial electromagnetic stir fry heating power can be set. The obvious advantage of the equipment is that the capacity is large and heat production is fast. Suitable for commercial, and stop heating the pot can be faster cooling to prevent high temperature waste heat caused paste pot.
Planetary sauce wok equipment advantages:
1, the product of the pot body using special materials stamping hemispherical stainless steel body, the overall error of the small roundness, stirrer and the pot of high degree of consistency, to avoid paste pot phenomenon.
2, the use of electromagnetic heating, electric heating oil, gas heating, steam heating and so on.
3, the mixing method uses a special tilt rotation so that planetary mixer full contact with the pot to achieve revolution and rotation of the integer rotation ratio, so that the pot without stirring dead angle.
4, the use of advanced rotating and sealing structure, the pot no dead ends, easy to clean, in line with national certification standards.
5, using frequency control, speed can be arbitrarily adjusted from zero to the highest speed.
6, hydraulic dumping method, to achieve mixing and pot separation after the hydraulic tilt dump, reducing labor intensity.
The use of a combination of rotation revolution, the transmission ratio for the integer transmission ratio to ensure that the pot without any mixing blind spot, no dead ends stirring. Use of advanced transmission and sealing structure, the transmission part of the pot and clean, hygienic. This series of equipment automatic / hydraulic type is the use of hydraulic thrust so that the mixer arm flip, disassembly stirrer, re-use of hydraulic thrust tilting pan body, easy to access raw materials to save manpower.
The use of variable frequency speed controller can be mixed with high viscosity products to heat evenly, easy to operate, high work efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life, compact structure, easy maintenance and so on. It is a good performance mixer.
Hot pepper sauce planetary stir fry safe, simple, beautiful and practical equipment, easy to install, easy to operate, safe and reliable. Rapid heating, high temperature, the pot up to several, so that the material through the Maillard reaction completely fried fried effect. Full combustion, high thermal efficiency, pot heat evenly, compared with similar products, energy-saving 40%.
Design Concept: Safe, concise and practical
Heating method, steam heating or electric heating. Rapid heating, high temperature, the pot surface up to two hundred degrees or more, so that the material flip through the flip plate uniform frying.
Mixing mode: The speed of agitator is controlled by frequency. Stepless speed regulation is realized within 0-26rpm. The unique use of revolution and rotation mode of scraper, the unique structure of agitator and scraper, more uniform mixing and mixing of material, Not easy to paste the pot phenomenon.
Mainly used in: pot at the end of material, instant noodles sauces, chili sauce, moon cake fillings and other materials fry.
Pan way: the entire pot through the worm, the worm manual pan pouring, safe, stable and reliable.
1, thermal efficiency up to 93% or more, subvert the traditional equipment 35-50% thermal efficiency
2, save energy costs 40-80%
3, save labor costs 30-80%
4, 8-20 years service life design
5, the material temperature accuracy of ± 1 ℃, the maximum temperature of the material up to 400 ℃
6, 0 Pollution, 0 Emissions, 0 Explosion / Fire Risk
7, the working environment temperature is reduced by 50-80%
8, can reduce the staff turnover rate to 10-20%

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