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Planetary sauce wok pan body structure is perfect, advanced combustion system

2017-12-11 08:43

Planetary sauce wok pan body structure is perfect, advanced combustion system
Planetary sauce wok pan body structure is perfect, advanced combustion system
Planetary sauce wok equipment features:
Gas planet wok is a new structure developed by our company. This product has a large heating area, easily adjustable firepower, compact structure and beautiful energy-saving. Parts of the pot and materials are made of food grade SUS304 stainless steel, to ensure food production pot health, clean and safe.
This type of gas wok is a new type of energy efficient environmental protection equipment. Stirring of this equipment, ignition using point guns; automatic nesting, fire control using manual control. The material heating method can use a variety of gas heating (such as: liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, pipeline gas), the use of open stove heat fried fried, with fast heating, high temperature, high thermal efficiency, ease of control and so on. Sauce can be fully mixed, fully cooked, pure fire, sauce flavor is positive. High temperature can kill many harmful bacteria, to ensure human health.
 The planetary stirring wok pot is a stamped and formed hemispherical stainless steel pot, which adopts steam, liquefied gas, natural gas and other heating forms. The stirring method adopts a special tilting type transmission. The planetary mixer used fully contacts with the pot and realizes Transmission revolution and rotation of the integer transmission ratio, the pot without stirring dead ends.
Use of advanced transmission and sealing structure, the transmission part of the pot and clean, hygienic. Using frequency control power, running more stable. In addition, this machine adopts hydraulic lifting, turning the pan and transporting materials, disassembling and agitating the mixer, saving manpower and reducing labor intensity, and is a food processing equipment with excellent performance.
Planetary stirring wok's work features:
1, This product is tiltable under the stir fry, to solve the stirring on the difficult, difficult to clean the problem in the domestic industry in a leading position.
2, The equipment is divided into three layers of pot bottom and pot to help with insulation, circulating oil circuit, fast warming, energy saving. Thus increasing production.
3, scraping the end of the mixing system, completely solve the high viscosity material is not destroyed the nutritional content to meet the green standards, it is ideal for food filling enterprises.
 4, automatic discharge system, the use of circuit control, the use of more convenient. Pot can be tilted at any angle, reduce labor, improve production efficiency.
Usage: Mainly used in the central kitchen, hotel chain canteen, all kinds of fillings, hot pot at the end of material, instant noodles sauce, chili sauce and other condiments fried food!

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