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Fried Rice Cooking Machine Large Canteen Cooking Mixer Machine

2021-02-24 10:36

  • Large Vegetable Cooking Mixer 
What are the advantages of the cooking machine Longze large cooking machine does not require professional chefs to operate, and the labor cost is greatly reduced.
Function: mainly stir fry. Automatic program control, automatic stir fry, full stirring, even heating. Fault alarm, self-diagnosis, easy maintenance. Manual and automatic program switching is possible.
The cooking machine is introduced and used: This machine is suitable for cooking, stir-frying, fried noodles and fried rice. The pot body can be tilted 90 degrees, there is no dead corner when dumping, it is easy to clean, reduces labor, and improves production efficiency.
Vegetables cooking machine

  • Beef Sauce Cooking Mixer Sauce Making Cooking Machine
Introduction of beef sauce cooking mixer: Longze Machinery can also be used for beef sauce cooking mixer as a tiltable stirring pot , which solves the problem of difficult stirring and uneasy cleaning, and is in the leading position in the domestic industry. The planetary mixing system completely solves the problem of not destroying the nutrient content of high-viscosity materials and reaches the green environmental protection standard. The equipment has its own heat preservation, and the commercial cooking machine planetary stirs, which heats up quickly and saves energy. Thereby increasing the output. The automatic discharging system adopts circuit control, which is more convenient to use.
sauce cooking mixer

  • Large Meat Jacketed Kettle
Heating method of gas sauce cooking mixer: Longze automatic mixer has a variety of heating methods: gas, steam, electric heating oil, electromagnetic, etc. are all custom-made. Electromagnetic heating is a trend, environmental protection and safety, the temperature is always controllable, the heating speed can be adjusted at will, it is suitable for any material, any process, what brand of commercial cooking machine is good, it can be said that the mixer machine must be heated. Electric heating oil jacketed kettle heating, the heating area is not limited, the temperature can be monitored from time to time, and the applicability is strong.
Meat Jacketed Kettle

  • Instant Noodle Seasoning Cooking Mixer
Features of Longze Sauce Seasoning Cooking Mixer: Since there is no open flame in the Longze electromagnetic heating sauce cooking mixer, the stove does not require traditional accessories such as blowers, heat insulation refractory bricks, and furnace surface cooling water, which can reduce the size of the equipment; use Longze electromagnetic stirring pot The lowering of the working environment temperature can reduce the engineering construction volume and part of the investment of some air supply and exhaust devices; the use of electric energy can eliminate the construction of gas pipelines and the supporting and cost of boiler room and gas room. Greatly save the use area of food processing sites.
Instant noodle seasoning cooking mixer

  • Fast Food Large Cooking Stirring Mixer Machine
Longze automatic cooking stirring mixer machine has a variety of heating methods, and many electromagnetic heating methods are used. Safe to use, electromagnetic heating equipment adopts induction heating, no open flame, no fire hazard; multiple automatic protection functions, system over-temperature protection and pot body over-temperature protection. Green and environmental protection, using electromagnetic heating equipment without waste gas, waste residue and noise pollution, clean and convenient. No open flame, how about automatic cooking machine, no, no exhaust gas, ultra-quiet design (below 45 decibels), optimize the kitchen environment;
fast food large cooking mixer machine

  • Cooking Rice Stir Fry Cooking Mixer
The entire production process of the electromagnetic cooking mixer is controlled by German Siemens PLC intelligent control and fully automatic German Siemens touch screen man-machine interface. Set up a multi-stage frying formula process, according to the properties of different materials, the frying temperature, frying time, frying speed, frying power and other processes can be stored to prevent manual operation errors. Greatly improve the product quality, make the quality of each pot fried product uniform and stable, all parameters are easily input by the PLC touch screen, and 5 sets of process parameters can be stored in advance, and only the relevant process parameters need to be called when changing the material variety. 
Cooking rice stir fry cooking mixer
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