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Shandong Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. is a scientific research, production, sales service in one of the enterprises. Located in the famous dinosaur town - Zhucheng, the company over the years committed to the development trend of the food industry, the traditional hand-workshop processing reform for the automation, standardization of production. Through automation design and manufacturing for enterprises to save manpower, improve production rate, reduce production costs. Service customers include baking fillings fried industry, meat products cooked food processing industry, condiment industry, candy industry, vegetable corn processing industry, hotel supplies and fast food and other food processing industry, providing heating and cooking frying, vacuum concentration, sterilization Disinfection and other series of equipment.

Gas Popcorn Machine Manufacturer

Gas Popcorn Machine Manufacturer

2020-04-21 15:17

Contact Number:+8617560687501
Product Details

①Gas heating popcorn machine
The gas popcorn machine equipment is fully automatic operation, smart and simple, gas heating, popcorn machine price, energy saving and environmental protection, rapid heating, multifunctional popcorn machine price, one pot in four or five minutes, one pot can produce 10 kg of finished products.The large-volume equipment was quickly recognized and favored by the wholesalers and manufacturers.

②Electromagnetic heating popcorn machine
The electromagnetic popcorn machine wraps the sugar evenly and does not paste the pot. It uses a combination of rotation and revolution to ensure that there is no blind spot for stirring in the pot.The flower-shaped spherical one pot can get it, and the burst temperature of the spherical corn can be reached in a short time, which effectively solves the problem of intelligent popcorn-shaped corn on the market.

③Intelligent popcorn machine
Programmable with intelligent PLC device, enter the process parameters in advance, no need to manually guard the control box, one person can operate two machines.

④Popcorn machine assembly line
Transmission cooling promotion screening, during the technical secondary school period, no more manual

⑤Popcorn machine production equipment customization
Longze Machinery can design the assembly line length according to your requirements, output and plant size.

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