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Ball Shape Mushroom Popcorn Processing Line For Sale

Ball Shape Mushroom Popcorn Processing Line For Sale

2019-08-04 17:29

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Product Details
Product Application:
Ball Shape Popcorn Processing Line  is a new design of large capacityy popcorn production.A line could produce up to 300kg/h,including delivery,cooling,sorting parts.
Not only for caramel popcorn but also different flavors like chocolate,fruit,cheese,seawood and so on.Large capacity and high effciency automatic control make it popular


All phases of popcorn machine/popcorn production line are designed with thoughtful care to our customers.
Phase I: Hot popcorns from popcorn machine
Phase II: Separating/detaching while transferring
Phase III: Cooling with fans
Phase IV: Elevating for natural cooling 
Phase V: Shaping/sifting perfect  spherical popcorns

Product Features:
1)Great Output: about 300kg per hour;
2)One button control,one worker can operate 2-3 sets machine;
3)Gas or electric heat is low cost;
4)Easy to clean with full body stainless steel SUS304 material.
5)Hydraulic discharge,save manpower and more stable.
6)Food grade teflon touch bowl thightly and mixing evenly ,safety and healthy.
7)Popcorns can be directly bagged or canned after being processed in the popcorn production line.

Intelligent Fully Automatic Popcorn Machine
Full Capacity 300kg/h
Type of Body
Painted Type
Heating gas or electric 
Type of Bowl SUS#304 Single Layer Bowl

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The entire process pipeline operation, save labor, safety, healthy, convenience. 

The machine can work 24 hours without stop!!!

Operating procedures

●Fully automatic machine operation, more hygienic and more efficient!!

●Pipeline five steps, give you a mechanized production workshop, higher yield, greater profits.

●Stainless steel thicker bottom, heat more evenly.

●Oil Heating pop,sugar-coating combined into one,making popcorn have bright color and taste more crisp.

Main Features

save manpower                          

Translating the traditional manual production into the automation and standardization production.

high use ratio of equipment         

After  a set of equipment entering into production line,the production raise several     times than stand-alone operations.

high product quality                      

During the production, the equipment agree to set temperature time,and feeding one time.

stable production capacity          

When the single machine failure occurs, the material can bypass  the fault machine,   and won't  affect the whole production line.



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