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Gas Planet Sauce stirring wok product features

2017-12-09 10:34

Gas Planet Sauce stirring wok product features
Gas Planet Sauce stirring wok product features
This series of products adopts a semi-spherical stainless steel body which is stamped and formed. This product takes the liquefied gas (natural gas) as the heat source. It has the advantages of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, fast material heating, uniform heating and easy heating temperature control. The products are all contact with food parts are made of 0Cr18Ni9 stainless steel and polished, in line with the "People's Republic of China Food Sanitation Law," the request, with handsome in appearance, reasonable design, compact structure, easy installation, simple operation, easy maintenance.
Mixing - mixing system uses a combination of rotation revolution, the transmission ratio is not integer transmission ratio, to ensure that the pot without any mixing blind spot. Use of advanced transmission and sealing structure, the transmission part of the pot and clean, hygienic. This series of equipment automatic / hydraulic type is the use of hydraulic thrust so that the mixer arm flip, disassembly stirrer, re-use of hydraulic thrust tilting pan body, easy to access raw materials to save manpower.
The use of variable frequency speed controller can be mixed with high viscosity products heat evenly, with easy to operate, high efficiency, low energy consumption, long life, compact structure, easy maintenance and so on
Gas planetary sauce wok Product Structure:
The series of equipment mainly by the pot, rack body, mixing system, heating system, speed control device, mixing shaft, pan turning system and other components. The pot is made of Japanese-owned Yixing Beihai stamping semi-spherical stainless steel pot body, pot diameter 1000mm, depth 500mm, thickness 5mm.
Planetary mixing sandwich pot from the type is divided into fixed vertical, semi-automatic and fully automatic. From the heating form is divided into: steam, gas, gas HTF and electric heating HTF, electromagnetic heating form. From the material can be divided into: vertical, tilting and horizontal mixing pot. Model according to the actual volume can be divided into 100L, 200L, 300L ,, 400L, 500L and other specifications, can also be customized according to user requirements.
Gas sauce wok dumping method - This series of equipment is automatic / hydraulic type is the use of hydraulic thrust to make mixing arm flip, disassembly stirrer, re-use of hydraulic thrust tilting pot, easy to access raw materials to save manpower, using stepless Inverter can mix highly viscous products with ease of operation
Gas planetary sauce wok works:
This product is liquefied gas (natural gas) as a heat source, natural wind heating or blower heating, adjustable flame size. Rapid heating, high temperature, the pot up to several hundred degrees, so that the material through the Maillard reaction completely fried fried effect. Full combustion, high thermal efficiency, uniform heat boiler, compared with similar products, energy-saving 40%, the burner ring, around the bottom of the pot, you can use gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas heating. Turn on the ignition valve, ignite the burner, manually add cooking oil until the oil temperature reaches the cooking temperature, adding the right amount of material; automatic mixing, the material evenly in the pot, after the material processing is completed, off steam turn, turn the hand wheel, Through the worm gear, worm gear so that the rotation of the tilt pot, the material into a container.

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