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Features of Intelligent Electric Popcorn Machine

2020-07-23 09:01

Electric Popcorn Machine
The Longze brand spherical popcorn machine has high production capacity, high efficiency and high quality. After continuous innovation, Longze Machinery has been developing and improving step by step since the first half of 2013, and finally the automatic spherical popcorn machine is on the market. At present, our Longze brand automatic popcorn machine has covered all major and medium-sized snack food manufacturers across the country.
electric popcorn machine
Popcorn machine
The advantage of the round popcorn machine production line is that the output is large, and the popcorn can be packaged directly after it is released and cooled, reducing labor costs. The ball rate is high. Automatic popcorn machine, American spherical popcorn equipment, new spherical automatic popcorn making machine, Shandong Longze Machinery Co., Ltd., mainly develops and produces all kinds of woks, boiling pots, popcorn machine production lines, central kitchen supporting equipment, etc. Its products are exported to Europe, America and other parts of the world.
popcorn production line
The quality of the Longze brand popcorn machine is excellent, and the repair rate is almost zero. Longze equipment free maintenance for life, let users rest assured, peace of mind, no worries is our ultimate goal. There are many kinds of popcorn machines on the market. We welcome everyone to visit our company and we can provide you with free experiments. Buy after testing.
Large Capacity Popcorn Machine

What are the characteristics of the large electric popcorn machine?
Longze large-scale popcorn machine can discharge about 5kg at one time. It only takes four minutes. It can effectively save manpower for enterprises through automated design and manufacturing, increase the production rate, and reduce production costs. In addition to these performances, what are the characteristics of Longze's large popcorn machine? Today I will give you a detailed introduction.
1. Fully automatic production of spherical popcorn machine, the inner liner adopts Japanese sole proprietorship Yixing Beihai head one-time spinning forming head, stainless steel 304, thickness 4mm, diameter 700mm, operating position edge heightened 100mm, after automatic hydraulic pressure Turn the pot on its side, automatic hydraulic discharge, agitating motor 1.1kw, reducer speed ratio 1:59, frequency conversion speed regulation, a pot produces 5 kg, the speed is 0-30 revolutions, and the speed can be adjusted. Japanese-style fierce stove head, heat preservation material is aluminum silicate, equipped with fixed-point parking system. The frame is made of stainless steel, the burner is made of stainless steel, and the mixing system is made of stainless steel; the mixing motor is standard stainless steel.
2. Fully automatic commercial spherical popcorn machine equipment is a multifunctional equipment integrating stirring, dispersing and mixing. It is suitable for heating and stirring foods such as caramel, bean paste filling, chili sauce, lotus paste filling, popcorn, curry, etc. use.
3. The automatic large-scale commercial spherical popcorn machine can produce a batch of popcorn every 4 minutes, about 5 kg of popcorn at a time, and can directly make popcorn of different flavors without other sugar-coating equipment.
4. The overall size of the fully automatic large-scale commercial spherical popcorn machine is 1700*1200*1500mm. It adopts two heating methods: gas heating and electromagnetic heating.
commercial electric popcorn machine

Automatic Popcorn Machine Manufacturers
How to make popcorn/large automatic popcorn machine/popcorn machine production line/caramel popcorn making machine. Shandong Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. (www.zclongze.com) is a company engaged in stir-frying pans, popcorn machines, fried sauce pots, and hot pot frying machines. Since its establishment, we have adhered to the policy of "integrity-based, stable operation", and have the courage to participate in healthy market competition, so that the "Longze Machinery" brand has a good reputation. We adhere to the principle of "service first, customer first", so that Longze Machinery has won the trust of customers in processing equipment and established a good corporate image.
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