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Red Bean Paste Cooking Mixer Machine Paste Jacketed Kettle

2020-12-05 15:44

Longze electric heating red bean paste cooking mixer machine discharge method: the pot body automatically discharges, and the discharge is fast and thorough. It is more suitable for viscous sauces and granular materials. Pastry pie is crispy and glutinous in your mouth, and delicious. Whether it is for breakfast, supper, or with tea or snacks, it is especially suitable. It is a natural low-glycemic product that men, women and children like. Stirring method: Stirring device can be attached.
red bean paste cooking mixer machine

How to make mung bean paste?
The thermal oil electric heating tube is an internationally popular high-quality long-life electric heating equipment. It is an automatic high-viscosity cooking mixer machine. When the heating medium passes through the electric heater heating cavity under pressure, the electric heating elements are evenly taken away by the principle of fluid thermodynamics. The huge heat generated in the work makes the temperature of the heated medium meet the user's process requirements. Temperature measurement method: automatic temperature measurement, special temperature measurement structure, so that the temperature measurement signal transmission is more stable and accurate.
red bean paste jacketed kettle
The company’s production equipment and strict production organization management system optimize the allocation of production resources to make our production equipment do its best and make our product quality more perfect. With built-in pipeline layout, the surface of the base is clean and hygienic, easy to clean and no dead ends.
Bean Past Cooking Mixer

Longze Planetary Cooking Mixer
The Longze bean paste cooking mixer has a reasonable structure, is not easy to be injured during operation, and keeps the indoor environment hygienic. The bean paste mixing machine can also be used for multiple purposes in one machine to process some difficult-to-process foods. It is environmentally friendly and hygienic. The whole machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel. It is widely applicable and has better quality. Longze bean paste cooking mixer machine mixing method: It can be equipped with a mixing device, and the equipment has two working methods, manual and automatic. Beautiful appearance, easy installation and convenient operation. Fully closed-loop planning is selected, with constant output power and stable firepower.
bean paste cooking mixer
Fruit Jam Cooking Mixer Structure
With the development of science and technology and the advancement of the times, the production of filling peanut candy has become simpler, and it can be processed by only a mixing machine. The quarter impulse of the Longze Machinery filling cooking mixer machine offers great discounts. Longze brand bean paste filling planetary cooking mixer uses 304 stainless steel pot with high viscosity and tilting automatic planetary jacketed kettle. Filling cooking mixer machine has optional rolling size and can be customized. Multiple automatic protection functions, system over-temperature protection and pot body over-temperature protection; electromagnetic heating stainless steel inner tank, worth having! Specializing in food production!
fruit jam cooking mixer

Fruit Jam Vacuum Cooking Jacketed Kettle
Longze electric heating bean paste cooking mixer machine is the production equipment of our enterprise, and each set of equipment is customized according to the actual needs of users. The close production arrangement management system optimizes the equipment of each production resource, so that our production equipment does its best. Shandong Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced the German Infineon electromagnetic technology to develop and produce. . The mung bean paste is a non-stick pot, combined with a reducer, and the transmission part has a non-integer transmission ratio of revolution and rotation, so that there is no dead corner in the pot and the paste is very uniform.
food cooking mixer
Advantages of High Viscosity Bean Paste Cooking Mixer
The Longze brand high-viscosity food cooking mixer machine has precise computer digital control that can completely meet the uniform output of the material, and the defective product rate is greatly reduced to almost zero. The electromagnetic heating method of high-viscosity filling cooking mixer can replace ordinary electric heating, gas heating and steam heating and other traditional heating equipment currently used. In the spirit of "independent innovation, win the future", we strive to provide new and old customers with better products and better services. The main engine of Longze brand intelligent mixing material has stable operation and long product life; the speed is automatically adjusted, which is more convenient and quick.
mung paste cooking mixer
How to remove the rust in the pot? The equipment used in the bean paste filling factory, the bean paste cooking machine, the electric high viscosity filling cooking mixermachine-planetary stirring jacketed kettle-Shandong Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. (www.longze.com) provides customers with "cooking mixer, popcorn machine, jacketed kettle, sauce making machine, hot pot cooking machines" and other services. The company owns "Longze Machinery" and other brands . It focuses on condiment processing equipment and other industries, and has a high reputation in Shandong. Welcome to call us, contact: Miss Gussie Fu.Whatsapp:+8617560687501

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