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Deep frying Sugar Coated Nuts Machine

2024-05-29 17:07

The pot body of the nut sugar-coated frying machine is made of all 304 stainless steel, with a diameter of 900mm and a depth of 450mm. It is gas-fired heated,with a motor stirring power of 1.5kw, a hydraulic back-flip power of 1.5kw, variable frequency speed regulation, and hydraulic back-flip. High-position discharging configuration structure. Equipped with a high-efficiency burner,fast temperature rise and high production efficiency. The automatic hydraulic pot-flipping system is convenient for discharging and for workers to clean and maintain the machine body. The automatic fume exhaust system ensures that workers have a good working environment. Constant temperature continuous production ensures that the frying temperature of food is consistent.
nuts sugar coating machine, nuts coated machine,walnuts coating machine
Advantages of Nut Sugar Coated Machine
1. Rapid heating and adjustable temperature.
2. Accurate microcomputer automatic temperature control and temperature display, automatic setting,automatic alarm after time or temperature,easy to control processing technology, better quality and more stable.
3. Planetary stirring is adopted, so the processed food does not stick to the pan,does not form hard lumps or coke; less oil is used,the operation is simple,and the residue is not easy to stick to the pan during frying and is easy to clean.

nuts sugar coating machine, nuts coated machine,walnuts coating machine
4. Easy to install and operate, save space and reduced supporting costs.
5. Long service life,the main electrical components are imported from Germany, and the inner pot body is made of stainless steel SUS304 one-time stamping hemispherical bladder.

nuts sugar coating machine, nuts coated machine,walnuts coating machine

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