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Scallion Oil Industrial Cooking Mixer Machine

2024-06-06 16:31

Whether the scallion oil is fragrant or not is related to the final flavor of the dish. The traditional method of making scallion oil is very simple. Put salad oil in the pot, heat it up, add scallions,ginger, and a little spices, and heat it on low heat until the water in the scallions begins to evaporate and the scallions turn golden yellow, then remove from the heat. In addition to making scallion oil noodles, scallion oil can also be made into scallion oil sauce. Do you know how factories produce scallion oil? The planetary stirring cooking mixer we produce can be used to make scallion oil,which can meet the needs of mass production in factories. scallion oil cooking mixer,industrial cooking mixer machine,  cooking mixer machine
What is a planetary cooking mixer ?
The stirring method of the planetary cooking pot with mixer adopts a special inclined transmission. The planetary agitator is in full contact with the pot body to achieve a non-integer transmission ratio of the transmission revolution and rotation, so that there is no stirring dead angle in the pot. The planetary stirring wok uses advanced transmission and sealing structures to make the transmission part and the pot clean and hygienic. It adopts variable frequency speed regulation power, which runs more smoothly. It adopts hydraulic lifting, flipping the pot to transport materials, and does not need to disassemble and assemble the agitator, saving manpower and reducing labor intensity. It is an excellent food processing equipment.

 scallion oil cooking mixer,industrial cooking mixer machine,  cooking mixer machine
The scallion oil cooking mixer equipment can not only be used to boil oil, but also suitable for cooking,cooking porridge, boiling soup,boiling water, boiling syrup, fillings (lotus seed filling,moon cake filling, red bean paste filling, etc.), sauces (such as: bean paste, peanut butter, chili sauce, beef sauce,hot pot base frying pan, instant noodle sauce, etc.) in the central kitchen.
scallion oil cooking mixer,industrial cooking mixer machine,  cooking mixer machine

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