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Chili Sauce Making Machine-Chili Sauce Cooking Mixer

2021-07-04 15:15

Chili Sauce Making Machine-Chili Sauce Cooking Mixer

  • Chili sauce cooking mixer applicable scope: black pepper sauce, chili sauce, curry sauce, base sauce, garlic sauce, fillings, chickpea sauce, etc.
chili sauce making machine
  • Chili Sauce Cooking Mixer
Stir evenly, the special structure design can make the materials mix evenly in a short time and improve the product quality.
Convenient and quick discharging: The hydraulic double-cylinder turns the pot and discharging, making the discharging more convenient and quick.
Automatic temperature measurement: The temperature control head is in contact with the material and directly measures the temperature of the material, which is accurate.
Fully automatic control, only need to manually press the button, greatly reducing labor intensity.
chili sauce cooking mixer

     Steps for frying chili sauce: Pour in appropriate oil, heat it up, fully automatic chili sauce cooking mixer, add chopped green onion and lean meat to the pot. Then pour in the main ingredients, stir-fry and add seasonings, salt, bean paste, and mixed seasonings, and stir-fry until they are seven mature, add appropriate broth, and stir-fry until slightly dry and no thick soup. Add appropriate monosodium glutamate, add a little chili powder according to your own taste, add the chili powder and simmer for a while, make the chili cooked a little bit, and mix well.
chili sauce cooking mixer
The cooking mixer form of this series of products of Longze is planetary stirring, chili sauce horizontal cooking mixer, imitating the manual stir-frying technique, chili sauce cooking mixer machine, so that the mixing of materials is more even and thorough. Welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to come to our factory to inspect and understand, all employees of Longze Machinery are looking forward to your visit. Cooking mixer patent product manufacturer Shandong Longze- automatic cooking mixer
cooking mixer

Introduction of Mushroom Chili Sauce Cooking Mixer:
Heating method: flame heating, automatic ignition, adjustable flame size. The temperature rises quickly and the temperature is high, and the surface of the pot can reach hundreds of degrees, so that the material can completely achieve the effect of frying through the Maillard reaction. The burner is ring-shaped, surrounding the bottom of the pot, and the pot body is heated evenly. Can use coal gas, liquefied gas, fuel.
The speed of the agitator can be adjusted by frequency conversion. It can realize the stepless speed regulation within 0~26rpm. The unique scraper adopts revolution plus rotation method, mixing materials evenly, and scraping the pan thoroughly, which can well solve the problem of some sauces. And it can be raised and lowered automatically.
Discharging method: The pot body is automatically turned over and discharged. Discharging is fast and thorough, which is more suitable for thick sauces and granular materials.
The turning of the pot body and the lifting of the stirrer all adopt hydraulic transmission, and the operation is stable and reliable.
chili sauce cooking mixer

  • Mushroom Sauce Cooking Mixer
1) The whole process of the production line is automated and streamlined, which has changed the traditional workshop processing mode.
2) The labor efficiency is greatly improved, the labor is small, the output is large, the loss of sauce is eliminated, and the production cost is reduced.
3) The production line is a closed operation, which eliminates secondary pollution, ensures food safety and sanitation, and the production workshop is clean and beautiful, which meets the requirements of modern food.
4) Operators can take up their posts after simple training, and the replacement of personnel is not easy to affect product quality.
5) The core equipment, the self-turning cooking mixer, has a variety of heating methods to choose from, the mixing method is unique, the sauce is evenly mixed, and the pan is not glued, and the degree of automation is high, which can meet the strict process of customers
chili sauce cooking mixer

chili sauce cooking mixer
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