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How to make mushroom caramel popcorn?

2021-11-16 16:46

Large popcorn machine can quickly pop corn seeds into popcorn, and the operation is simple          Our products have excellent performance and excellent equipment. According to our technical data, you can completely popping various flavors such as cantaloupe, chocolate, taro, pineapple, strawberry, sweet orange, banana, lemon, blueberry and so on.            The large popcorn machine is a food machinery developed by our factory for the entry-level customers of popcorn production. The machine uses liquefied gas as the heat source and AC 220V or 12V DC battery as the stirring power. It has a unique appearance design, beautiful appearance, simple operation, and motor driven. The blender works for 12 hours, and the motor does not generate heat. caramel popcorn machine The large popcorn machine can quickly pop corn seeds into popcorn, and the agitator operates synchronously to avoid popcorn sticking. Our large popcorn machine is not as difficult to clean as the popcorn machines produced by other manufacturers. When the sugar is carbonized in the pot or the taste and color smell, the popcorn machine only needs half a pot of water to immediately clean the pot. It is one of the most innovative food machinery in the domestic market today. Users who need it are welcome to inquire and negotiate! industrial popcorn making machine Popcorn Production Line The popcorn machine can be combined with the popcorn production line to increase the output, up to 10 tons per day.We have different lengths of production lines for customers to choose from, for example, the shortest production line is 7 meters, then 10 meters, 14 meters, 16 meters, 22 meters and so on. popcorn production line  

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