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Kitchen Cooking Machine Restaurant Sauce Mixing Machine

2021-02-20 16:57

1. Used in automatic production line of beef sauce, braised chili sauce, hot pot sauce, sauce, mushroom sauce, curry chili sauce,etc food.
2. Automatic production line for halogen products.
3. A series of equipment for the production of instant noodles, instant rice noodles, instant vermicelli, hot pot base ingredients, and chili sauce,
4. Self-turning and tilting cooking mixer machine can fry various sauces and granular materials.
5. Multi-purpose oil, can be used for frying chili, pepper, beef, seafood, etc.
kitchen cooking mixer machine

Set up a multi-stage frying recipe process, the central kitchen cooking machine can store frying temperature, cooking time, cooking speed, cooking power and other processes according to the properties of different materials, eliminating manual errors. The Longze cooking mixer robot uses a planetary mixing system to simulate manual stir-frying techniques, successfully solving the shortcomings of ordinary drum cooking machines that are easy to fry and break. The accuracy of material temperature control is ±1℃, and the high temperature of the material reaches 400℃
vegetables cooking mixer

  • How much is an automatic cooking machine
When the ordinary cooking machine is operated, due to the different craftsmanship and operating habits of each employee, there will be different products. Longze automatic cooking machine operating temperature is accurate and greatly improves the quality of nutritious meals, while Longze cooking machine uses microcomputer to control intelligent cooking equipment, electromagnetic central kitchen cooking machine, computer menu, storage memory, automatic stir-fry, and automatic discharging are all in one. It is the shou model to improve the working environment, supporting the cooking mixer in the canteen on the construction site, and the first choice for improving efficiency. The size can be customized.
restaurant automatic cooking mixer machine

  • How much is the automatic cooking machine
The main electrical components of the Longze automatic cooking machine are imported from Germany, and the inner pot is made of stainless steel SUS304 semi-spherical bladder formed by one-step stamping, with a thickness of 5 mm. Makes the quality of each pot fried product uniform and stable, all parameters are conveniently input by PLC touch screen, and 5 sets of process parameters can be stored in advance. When changing material varieties, only the relevant process parameters need to be called. Precise microcomputer automatic temperature control and temperature display, automatic setting, automatic alarm when the time or temperature is reached, the processing technology is easy to control, the food processing process has good repeatability, better quality and more stable;
Canteen automatic mixing machine
  • The working principle and characteristics of the central kitchen cooking machine:
1. The automatic cooking machine is a product independently developed by our company that absorbs advanced German technology and combines the characteristics of the needs of Chinese customers.
2. It has the two characteristics of automatic stir-frying and dumping out of the pan.
3. Automatic stir-frying, nutritious meal central kitchen cooking machine, mixing evenly, improving production efficiency, reducing energy consumption and saving energy.
4. The pot body is fixed, and the dishes in the pot follow the manipulator to scrape up and throw down, and the machine automatically stirs. The speed can be adjusted by the frequency converter to increase the speed of stir-frying.
5. The whole pot is made of SUS304, without coating, it is safer and easier to clean and use.
canteen cooking mixer machine

  • Canteen automatic cooking mixer manufacturers
Lock in nutrition and enjoy deliciousness easily. The automatic cooking machine is a modern technology product, a new generation of microcomputer-controlled intelligent cooking equipment, no fumes, no radiation, fuel-saving and power-saving, and automatic stir-frying. The cooking machine also has a multi-function automatic cooking machine such as automatic frying, blasting, and stewing. It is convenient and simple to operate so that you can avoid the hazard of kitchen fumes and enjoy delicious food with just one tap. It realizes the automation and Interesting. It can also be applied to school canteens, corporate canteens, government canteens and cooked food processing industries according to different models.
automatic cooking sauce mixer machine

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