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Horizontal Automatic Cooking Mixer Vacuum Jacketed Kettle Vacuum Bean Paste Cooking Mixer

2021-02-23 10:16

Introduction of Horizontal Automatic Cooking Mixer
     The temperature sensor is embedded in the wall of the Longze horizontal  vacuum cooking mixer to directly measure the temperature of the material, and the measurement accuracy deviation is +1℃. The electronic control part is a combination of international imported electrical appliances, reaching the IP65 level, which guarantees the safety of the operator. The touch screen design makes manual operation simple and easy to learn.
Horizontal Vacuum Cooking Mixer

Features of Vacuum Jacketed Kettle
     Longze canteen automatic mixing jacketed kettle product advantages: the new design adopts a structure with a low feeding port and a high discharge port, which is easy to operate. When dumping and discharging, the bottom of the pot is raised and the mouth is connected to the material cart, which is convenient for discharging. There is no need to bend down for manual discharge. When the pot body reaches a large inclination, the arm can directly touch the bottom of the pot body, which is very convenient for cleaning.
Vacuum Jacketed Kettle

Vacuum Bean Paste Cooking Mixer
     Longze brand Vacuum Bean Paste Cooking Mixer is used in various fillings and fruit jam processing factories across the country with good results and is well received by users. All food contact parts of this product are made of 304 stainless steel. It has a wide range of use, convenient operation, simple, and strong practicability. Different types and materials can be selected according to different products. Stirring while scraping can realize effective turning of the pan, even and non-stick pot.
Vacuum Bean Paste Cooking Mixer
The horizontal vacuum jacketed kettle with stirring produced by Shandong Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. consists of a vertical tube heater, a concentrator, a condenser and a pipeline valve. The vacuum system can be equipped with a hydraulic ejector or vacuum pump with other equipment. The heater and evaporator adopt stainless steel heat preservation structure, and the outer heat preservation layer is made of stainless steel sheet, and the surface is treated with mirror or matt finish. And with a stirring device, effectively reduce labor costs.
Shandong Longze Machinery Co.,Ltd
Longze brand vacuum horizontal bean paste cooking mixing pot adopts a PTFE scraper agitator. During the tumbling and mixing process of the material, the agitator and the pot are in full contact in all directions to ensure that there is no mixing dead angle. The opening, discharging and resetting of the pot body are controlled by air pressure and mechanical transmission, and the operation is extremely convenient. The heating area is large and hot, which is suitable for the requirements of different materials for temperature and heating speed.
red bean paste cooking mixer
Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. has several advanced processing equipment such as laser cutting and blanking machines, laser marking machines, engraving machines, automatic shears, etc., as well as strong technical force. It specializes in the development and manufacturing of mixing and heating equipment. A network system integrating raw material supply, product development, process design, manufacturing, finished product inspection, and after-sales service has been formed. Up to now, the repair rate of Longze's equipment has been almost zero. Fully automatic horizontal horizontal axis mixing pot mixing. No need for after-sales equipment, it is a good equipment!
Shandong Longze Machinery Co.,Ltd

Features of 500L Horizontal Vacuum Cooking Mixer Equipment
Longze cooking mixer performance characteristics: temperature control: automatic temperature measurement, temperature measurement and control in the whole process, digital display, stable and reliable. (Directly measure the material temperature)
Feeding: There is a feeding port on the side of the pot body to avoid splashing of liquid in the pot during feeding, which is safer and more convenient. Mixing: mixing frequency conversion speed, unique scraper, horizontal horizontal axis mixing method, mixing more evenly, large-scale jujube filling wok, scraping the pot more thoroughly, which can effectively control the problem of pot sticking of certain materials.
500L Horizontal Vacuum Cooking Mixer

Why choose Longze
The company has a group of high-level managers and a development and design team that is good at researching. In today's rising labor costs, fully automatic horizontal horizontal axis stirring pot mixing vegetables, the degree of equipment automation determines the production efficiency, and the company's future development direction. Therefore, Longze Machinery adheres to the business philosophy of "taking product quality as the core and customer service as the main line", and Longze Mixing Equipment Manufacturing Plant is willing to serve the society with better products.
Shandong Longze Machinery Co.,Ltd




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