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Fully Automatic Planetary Cooking Mixer For Vegetables

2022-05-07 16:02

Fully automatic planetary cooking mixer for vegetables is a modern cooking equipment with automatic frying, blasting, stewing and other functions. The cooking mixer is easy to operate, you can pre-enter the program to start with one key, and you can easily enjoy delicious food. The automatic stirring method of the cooking mixer is to imitate manual stirring, which can fully stir and mi the materials evenly.
planetary cooking mixer, automatic cooking mixer planetary cooking mixer, automatic cooking mixerplanetary cooking mixer, automatic cooking mixer
Fully automatic planetary cooking mixer  for vegetables is very suitable for central kitchen and canteen. One machine can fry dozens of kilograms of vegetables at a time, and a large machine can fry hundreds of kilograms of vegetables. The frying temperature and time of each dish can be set and stirred automatically, which solves the problems of uneven taste in traditional manual frying and realizes the standardization of product quality. After frying, the mixing arm rises automatically, and the fried dishes can be discharged automatically. planetary cooking mixer, automatic cooking mixer planetary cooking mixer, automatic cooking mixer
Advantages of planetary cooking mixer:
1. The pot body adopts food grade stainless steel 304, which meets the requirements of food safety production.
2. A variety of heating methods can be selected: steam heating, gas heating, electromagnetic heating and electric heating
3. Non stick pot: The stirring adopts the planetary stirring method, scraping the bottom and edges. The side of the pot adopts spring type, and the bottom of the pot adopts self weight type, so that the pot body is in close contact with the mixing scraper to mix the materials evenly.
4. Use advanced transmission and sealing head, waterproof and oil-proof,so that the transmission parts and the inside of the pot are clean and hygienic.
. The power adopts the combination of the stepless speed governor and the reducer, and the non-integer transmission ratio between the revolution of the transmission part and the autobiography makes the stirring in the pot without dead ends.
 6. Energy saving, low cost, no wearing parts and maintenance cost.  
planetary cooking mixer, automatic cooking mixer
planetary cooking mixer, automatic cooking mixer

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