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Shandong Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. is a scientific research, production, sales service in one of the enterprises. Located in the famous dinosaur town - Zhucheng, the company over the years committed to the development trend of the food industry, the traditional hand-workshop processing reform for the automation, standardization of production. Through automation design and manufacturing for enterprises to save manpower, improve production rate, reduce production costs. Service customers include baking fillings fried industry, meat products cooked food processing industry, condiment industry, candy industry, vegetable corn processing industry, hotel supplies and fast food and other food processing industry, providing heating and cooking frying, vacuum concentration, sterilization Disinfection and other series of equipment.

Chili Sauce Cooking Jacketed Kettle

Chili Sauce Cooking Jacketed Kettle

2021-01-28 14:44

Cooking Chili Sauce Demo &nbs

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Cooking Chili Sauce Demo

The chili sauce is sweet, sour, spicy and salty, the taste of childhood. Modern technology, ancient brewing. Imitated artificial speculation techniques, retained the traditional production methods, and formalized the traditional workshop style and factory. Longze chili sauce cooking jacketed kettle is your best choice. Contact Ms. Gussie(Whatsapp:+86 17560687501)
chili sauce jacketed kettle
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  • Chili Sauce Cooking Jakcted Kettle Structure
Longze Chili Sauce Jakcted Kettle has the advantages of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, rapid heating of materials, uniform heating and easy control of heating temperature. All food-contact parts of this product are made of 0Cr18Ni9 stainless steel and polished. It meets the requirements of the Food Sanitation Law of the People's Republic of China. It has beautiful appearance, reasonable design, compact structure, convenient installation, simple operation and easy maintenance.
  • Heating Method of Chili Sauce Jacketd Kettle 
Gas heating, automatic ignition, adjustable flame size. The temperature rises quickly. The Northeast miso is boiled in a wok. The temperature is high and the noodles can reach hundreds of degrees. The materials can be thoroughly fried through Maillard reaction. The burner is ring-shaped, surrounding the bottom of the pot, and the pot body is heated evenly. Can use coal gas, liquefied gas, natural gas fuel. The speed of the agitator can be adjusted by frequency conversion, which can realize the stepless speed regulation within 0~26rpm. The unique scraper adopts revolution plus rotation method, mixing the materials evenly, and scraping the pan thoroughly, which can well solve the problem of some sauces. And can automatically rise and fall.
  • Chili sauce production equipment advantages
Longze Sauce Pan is an automated product. During operation, automatic mixing, automatic speed control, automatic lifting, automatic discharging and other operations can be realized. It can be used in all walks of life, such as stir-fry, stir-fried sauce, stir-fried stuffing, and stir-fry ingredients. It is an indispensable equipment for manufacturers pursuing efficiency. When using Longze electromagnetic cooking mixer , one person can even operate more than two machine at the same time. During the operation, the operator does not need to use a large shovel to stir-fry, pour the ingredients, and stir the pot. All the manpower is done by the Longze electromagnetic jacketed kettle equipment.

Model LZ-CG-1200
Diameter 1200mm
Depth 600mm
Heating Method Gas
Mixing Style Planetary
Discharge Automatic Discharge
Application Sauce,Fillings,Suagr,Vegetavles,Bean Paste,etc other food
Power 3.7kw
Pot Material SUS304
Weight 1000KG
Efficiency 50-400KG  

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