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Shandong Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. is a scientific research, production, sales service in one of the enterprises. Located in the famous dinosaur town - Zhucheng, the company over the years committed to the development trend of the food industry, the traditional hand-workshop processing reform for the automation, standardization of production. Through automation design and manufacturing for enterprises to save manpower, improve production rate, reduce production costs. Service customers include baking fillings fried industry, meat products cooked food processing industry, condiment industry, candy industry, vegetable corn processing industry, hotel supplies and fast food and other food processing industry, providing heating and cooking frying, vacuum concentration, sterilization Disinfection and other series of equipment.

Industrial Intelligent Electric Heating Popcorn Machine

Industrial Intelligent Electric Heating Popcorn Machine

2020-07-23 09:00

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Introduction of Intelligent Popcorn Machine 
The industry is highly competitive, and how to minimize costs has become the primary issue for these manufacturers.Facing customer needs, Longze people continue to work hard and devote themselves to research.In the end, the intelligent popcorn robot came into being.PLC software programming, Siemens touch screen, timing alarm, ... all kinds of advanced equipment are integrated, making the popcorn machine more automated. According to your own production process, including time, temperature, and mixing speed, just like a point-and-shoot camera, you can complete production and discharge with one click.
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Intelligent Popcorn Machine Structure
Use advanced transmission and sealing structure to make the transmission part and the pot clean and hygienic.Using frequency conversion speed control power, the operation is more stable.It adopts hydraulic lifting, turning the pot and transporting materials, and avoids disassembly and assembly of the agitator, which saves manpower and reduces labor intensity. It is an excellent food processing equipment.
Longze commercial popcorn machine is a multifunctional and efficient equipment that integrates mixing, dispersion and mixing. It is suitable for caramel, peanut sugar, rice fragrant, bean paste, lotus seed paste, jujube puree, popcorn,  prepared food, etc.
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Feature of Intelligent Popcorn Machine
The mixing system adopts a combination of rotation and revolution, and its transmission ratio is not an integer transmission ratio to ensure that there are no blind spots in the pot.Use advanced transmission and sealing structure to make the transmission part and the pot clean and hygienic.
The automatic/hydraulic type of this series of equipment uses hydraulic thrust to turn the stirring arm over, without disassembly and assembly of the stirrer, and then uses the hydraulic thrust to tilt the pot body, which is easy to enter and exit the raw materials and save manpower. The Longze electromagnetic popcorn machine uses a stepless frequency converter It can mix high-viscosity products evenly and heat to increase the heat. It has the characteristics of easy operation, high work efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life, compact structure, and convenient maintenance. It is a mixer with excellent performance.
industrial electric popcorn machine

The above is a brief introduction of the spherical popcorn machine, provided by Miss Gussie of Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. If you have any questions, please contact the company further. In addition to this equipment, Zhucheng Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. also supplies various types of jacketed pans, popcorn production lines, cooking pots, frying pans, stuffing pots, horizontal woks, electromagnetic cookers and other equipment in large quantities.Welcome customers to visit our factory and understand, I wish you a prosperous business.

If you have any question you can contact me via whatsapp (Click on whatsapp to directly switch to the consultation page.)at any time .

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