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Shandong Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. is a scientific research, production, sales service in one of the enterprises. Located in the famous dinosaur town - Zhucheng, the company over the years committed to the development trend of the food industry, the traditional hand-workshop processing reform for the automation, standardization of production. Through automation design and manufacturing for enterprises to save manpower, improve production rate, reduce production costs. Service customers include baking fillings fried industry, meat products cooked food processing industry, condiment industry, candy industry, vegetable corn processing industry, hotel supplies and fast food and other food processing industry, providing heating and cooking frying, vacuum concentration, sterilization Disinfection and other series of equipment.

Gourmet Caramel Popcorn Machine Factory

Gourmet Caramel Popcorn Machine Factory

2020-06-29 11:45

Contact Number:+8617560687501
Product Details

Demo of popcorn machine
What is the price of gas popcorn machine:
Longze gas popcorn machine is heated by Taiwan fiery fire gas burner: it can reach high temperature in an instant, and it can heat up and cool down quickly, and it is easy to use energy. The structure has a diameter of 700mm, and the price is about 6500USD. For details, please look down:
gas popcorn machine
Features of gas popcorn machine:
The industry is fiercely competitive, and how to minimize costs has become a problem for these manufacturers. Faced with customer needs, Longze people continue to work hard and concentrate on research. Finally, only the popcorn machine came into being. PLC software programming, Siemens touch screen, timing alarm... All kinds of equipment are integrated, making the popcorn machine more automatic. According to your own process, including time and temperature. Mixing speed programming, then like a point-and-shoot camera, one-click can complete production and discharge.
Automatic popcorn machine
Introduction of gas popcorn machine:
The popcorn popped by the Longze popcorn machine has a crisp taste, round shape and delicious taste. Using the Taiwan burner, it instantly reaches a high temperature and has a high ball rate. It is like a cute mini table tennis ball. Imported Janpan pot gallbladder, the one-pressed hemisphere can be fit more closely with the planetary mixing scraper, mixing without dead ends, more sugar coating, caramel, cream, chocolate, banana, strawberry...more flavors can be make directly.
caramel popcorn machine



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