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Electric Popcorn Machine American Spherical Popcorn Machine Popcorn Machine Price

2021-02-27 10:17

Features of electric popcorn machine
Longze large-scale popcorn machine can discharge about 5kg at one time. It only takes 4 minutes. It can effectively save manpower for enterprises through automated design and manufacturing, increase the production rate, and reduce production costs. In addition to these properties, what are the characteristics of Longze's large spherical popcorn machine? Today, the editor will give you an analysis:
electric popcorn machine

American Spherical Popcorn Machine
The popcorn production line automatically produces spherical popcorn machines. The inner liner adopts the one-time spinning forming head of the Japanese sole proprietorship Yixing Beihai Head Factory. It is made of stainless steel 304, the thickness is 4mm, the inner liner diameter is 700mm, and the operating position is heightened by 100mm. Concave inward, automatic hydraulic pressure rear-turning pot, automatic hydraulic discharge, mixing motor 1.1kw, reducer speed ratio 1:59, frequency conversion speed regulation, rotation speed is 0-30 rpm adjustable, Japanese hot stove head, The thermal insulation material is aluminum silicate, and it is equipped with a fixed-point parking system. The frame is made of stainless steel, the furnace body is made of stainless steel, and the mixing system is made of stainless steel; the mixer is equipped with stainless steel as standard; it can be customized according to requirements.
american spherical popcorn machine

Popcorn Machine Price
The automatic spherical popcorn equipment is a multi-functional equipment integrating stirring, dispersing and mixing. It is suitable for caramel, bean paste, mochi, lotus paste, jujube paste, cakes, candy, chocolate, popcorn, sauce, Curry, yokan and other prepared foods are used for heating, stirring and mixing. At the same time, it is also professionally used for frying hot pot bottom materials and mixing and heating for various sauces. Fully automatic large-scale commercial spherical popcorn machine adopts variable frequency speed regulation power, which makes the operation more stable. It adopts hydraulic back-turning, turning the pot to transport materials, and avoids disassembly and assembly of the stirrer, which saves manpower and reduces labor intensity. It is a food processing equipment with excellent performance.
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Automatic Popcorn Machine Picture
The fully automatic new-style popcorn machine has a unique design of mixer and scraper structure, and uses a planetary mixer (a combination of revolution and autobiography) to fully contact the pot body. The rotation ratio is not an integer rotation ratio. The large spherical popcorn machine can ensure that there are no blind spots in the pot, the materials are stirred and mixed more evenly, the bottom scraping is more thorough, and the pot is not easy to be stuck. The automatic large-scale commercial spherical popcorn machine can produce 5 kg of finished popcorn every 4 minutes per pot on average. The advantage is that the capacity is large and the heating is fast. It is suitable for commercial use, and the pot body can be quickly separated from the heat source after the heating is stopped to prevent the high temperature residual heat from causing the pot to paste. Fully automatic large-scale commercial spherical popcorn machine with an overall size of 1700x1200x1500mm. It adopts gas heating and electromagnetic heating.
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Commercial Popcorn Machine Manufacturer Introduction
Our company has a long-term supply of gas popcorn machines and electromagnetic popcorn machines in large quantities. In addition to this equipment, Zhucheng Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. also supplies various types of jacketed kettle, steaming cooking mixer, cooking mixer, stuffing making machine, horizontal vacuum cooking mixer,  and other equipment.
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Cream Popcorn Machine
The American spherical popcorn, which has been particularly hot recently, was sold out as soon as it was listed on Taobao. In the market where there is a large demand for popcorn such as malls and movie theaters, American spherical popcorn is even more in demand. Since American spherical popcorn is so It's hot, many people must be looking for this kind of popcorn production method, a large popcorn machine, and what kind of equipment it is made with. Today I will go with you to uncover its mystery.
Watching a movie and eating popcorn has undoubtedly become a set meal. People naturally think of popcorn when they think of movie theaters. When it comes to watching a movie, they will buy popcorn without thinking. After popcorn entered the movie theater, its annual output soared by 20 times. According to incomplete statistics, about 60% of people watch a movie with a bucket of popcorn.
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